Handmade Botanical Body Care Products -
Renaissance Faires

Sages Body Care Products were deemed "most wondrous" and fit for a Queens and King!

Mary Queen of Scots and her royal court visited us at
KVMR Celtic Music Festival in Grass Valley. 
She pro-
claimed our soap to be "most wondrous." 
(KMVR Celtic site)

King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII took time from presiding
over a 16th century border war to visit
and give praise to Sages Handmade Soap
at the Kearny Rennaisance Fair in Fresno.
(Kearny Rennaisance site)

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire Sages was honored the 2016 Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire by recieving the Queen's first place Award for our products, booth, and decorum.

Renaissance Faires take you back in time to 16th century Elizabethan England. The Faire is like a village near the Scottish boarder. It signifies a celebration of a bountiful harvest season. "Residents" dress in colorful period costumes and enjoy dance, music, song, and merchants display their finest wares.

Queen Elizabeth selected from the many
varieties of Sages Soap at the Folsom
Renaissance Faire in Folsom.

The Queen and her Royal Court all enjoyed
shopping for Sages Body Care Products.
(Folsom Renaissance site)


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