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 Gift Baskets & Boxes
Sages Body Care products can gently care for your skin throughout these drying winter days.  Enjoy the refreshing herbal and aromatic scents of Sage's generous-size Bath Bar, Sugar Scrubs, Body Lotion and Bath Salts. Also try our rich Body and Lip Butter.  Choose from over 30 varieties!  Unscented too!   
Gift Baskets and Boxes are available all year long!
Sages is Always a Wise Choice

 Qualities of Sages Products:
     Products are gentle and soothing to the skin
   Refreshing aromatic herbal scents last throughout use of products
     Made with pure essential and fragrance oils
     Prepared with care from the highest quality ingredients
     Available in over 30 Varieties with fragrances that appeal to both
      men and women. Unscented varieties are also offered
 Body Care Products:
Body ButterNeed help with chapped lips and dry skin? Try
Sages Body Butter
. It's made with all-natural
Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Bees Wax,
Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter, and has an enjoyable light scent of Vanilla.

It comes in a 2 oz jar and a handy 1 oz tube.
Sages Sugar Scrubs - 8 oz jar

Sugar Scrubs moisturize and gently exfoliate
 your skin. Sugar is healing and soothing. Effective for overall body use.
Shop Now for Healing &
Sages Beauty Bar Soap - 7 oz
Sages Soap Beauty Bar contains skin-softening emollients. Enjoy long-lasting lather & fragrance of this economical large-size bar.
 Shop Now for Healing &
Sages Bath Salts - 16 oz jar
Relax and let your senses take in the
wonderful aromatic experience that our
botanical Bath Salts provide.

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Sages Body Lotion - 8 oz pump

Sages Lotion absorbs quickly leaving
your skin feeling fresh and supple.
Appreciate soft lingering fragrance.

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Sages Large Gift Box
Sages Large Gift Box contains
  2 Bath Soaps; 1 Sugar Scrub; 
1 Body Lotion and 1 Bath Salts
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 You choose the variety of each product!
Sages Small Gift Box (Box #1 shown here)
Sages Small Gift Box contains body care essentials! We offer 3 standard combinations
of Bath Soap, Lotion and Sugar Scrubs.
Shop now for Sages Small Gift Boxes. A most-welcomed gift

You choose the variety of each product!
Soap Surprise Sampler
Our Soap Surprise has 6 sample sizes
 of  Soap and a Lotion or Sugar Scrub.
Enjoy samples for yourself or give as gifts. Find an extra surprise inside each bag.
Shop now for Sages Soap Surprise Sampler! - Link to Shopping Cart
Each sample is a different variety
Sages Gift Basket - Sages products in handwoven Bolga Basket
We offer two sizes of hand woven Bolga baskets containing Sages products. These durable market baskets make unique gifts in themselves! 3 product combinations offered.
Shop now for unique Gift Baskets. Products come in unique Bolga Baskets.
You choose the variety of each product!

Sages Body Care Products - Handmade Bath Soap, Bath Salts, Body Lotion and Sugar Scrubs

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Over 30 varieties

Almond (lotion and sugar scrubs)
Almond with Oatmeal (soap only)
Bay Mix
Bay Rum
Lemon Verbena
Love (spice)
Nag Champa
Oatmeal, Unscented (soap only)
Sierra Pine
Sweet Nectar
Tea Tree
Vanilla (body butter only)
Unscented Varieties:
Oatmeal Soap and Charcoal Soap are both unscented.
Lotion and Sugar Scrubs are also available unscented.

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What we've heard from Kindred Spirits

"I bought 4 bars from you at the Grass Valley Celtic Festival. I treated myself to the lovely scented soap, but had no idea that my dry skin would finally be able to recover. I just finished the lilac bar and am starting the oatmeal, and my skin has never been so clean and soft. I usually have such dry skin that my legs itch so bad that I would have to scratch them for relief and often my legs would get a red and irritated mess, I haven't had a bout with dry skin since I started using your soap.
  "I love your Soap! I plan on ordering more before I run out, but I bought a year's supply, so I will see you at the Festival this year to buy more! I want to try your scrubs too!
" I had the pleasure of purchasing one of your lovely bars of soap at the Sonora Celtic Faire in March of this year. I have have severe allergies to both scents and chemicals, but have found that your lovely soaps give me no problems whatsoever. I can't wait to order more.
   Its so nice to have a small scent to one's soap that isn't over powering. Though I have to admit my bathroom did smell like almonds at first, but I don't mind. Thank you for such a lovely product. The Oatmeal makes the soap so soothing, and the scent is just enough."

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Come visit us at our booth at Renaissance Faires and other events in California and other West Coast areas.   Dealer inquires are invited.   Please contact us for information.

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